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My girlfriend and I are very lucky to be able to travel and share it passionately as a common hobby.

I have been fascinated by other countries and cultures since childhood. Furthermore, it is the travelling in general and the (unaffordable) experiences, which you collect on journeys, which interests me immensely.

I am fascinated by the atmosphere of railway stations or airports. Where do people come from – where do they go? How do people live in other countries?

With this enthusiasm we plan our holidays. We are happy to keep our freedom for the holidays and do without organized group tours. This makes travelling a bit more complicated. But it also helps us avoiding the usually relatively fixed hotel rituals (and the early breakfast times: -)

We grew up in Bremen or near Bremen, why we can certainly call ourselves genuine North Germans. And our region also has a lot to offer in the immediate vicinity, which is suitable for short breaks or weekend trips. As the festivals will happen, we will write about it. We started last year with the article about the Bremen Christmas Market.

Why another travelblog?

That’s the second part of the story. Besides travelling, I also like the internet as a hobby. And so it was kind of close to us to describe the journeys again for us, which we like to think back on. If you read this travelblog now and you like one or two of the posts, we are even happier. We are happy to share our experiences with you.

See you maybe somewhere on the world!

Gaby and Markus


Gaby und Markus Packdenkoffer.com

It has never been easier to travel in Europe – here on Usedom

For your convenience, I would like to point out that there are some links to affiliate programs. A travelblog like this doesn’t write itself without money. If you take advantage of the offers you support the blog. Don’t panic – it’s our hobby and will remain so.

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