Hanover Events and Sightseeing

Hanover Events and Sightseeing

Hanover Events- Party on at the Maschseefest and in Linden

Hanover and events? If you think of Hannover, you will probably spontaneously come up with terms like business shows, Cebit,  airport Langenhagen, Hanover 96 or even zoo. If you think back a little, you will still throw in the world exhibition “Expo 2000”, which Hanover was the first German city to host. Politically interested people still call the state capital of Lower Saxony. For those who like to party, the Maschseefest is still there. There are many possibilities for companies in Hanover. However, many people think of Hanover as the “most boring city in Germany”, which is also the result of a quick search on Google. Gaby and I also had little relation to Hanover, despite the close distance to Bremen.

It was therefore a great pleasure for us that Anja from Travelontoast.de and Janett von from Teilzeitreisender. de organized another great travelblogger meeting together with Hanover Tourismus and the hotel Crowne Plaza. After the weekend we can say that Hanover is a great destination and has a lot to offer for different activities! If you come from Bremen, you will be in the middle of Hanover in less than an hour if you have a free highway! More about our activities in Hanover now! Party on Hanover!

Discover Hanover.

After the check-in at Crown Plaza we had enough time to discover Hanover until we got to know the other travel loggers. Fortunately, the hotel’s location behind the main station is very central and ideal as base in Hannover. After about ten minutes of walking, we were already standing in the pedestrian zone at the “Kröpcke”. The Kröpcke-Platz is one of the central meeting points in Hanover. With the “Kröpcke-Uhr” you can also photograph one of Hannover’s landmarks. The pedestrian precinct (Georgstraße) of Hanover is one of the five most visited shopping streets after Frankfurt (Zeil), Munich (Kaufinger Straße), Düsseldorf (Flinger Straße) and Cologne (Schildergasse), acc. to Statista.

The weather was also good, so that we were able to explore the city centre in the sun. In addition to the typical retail chains that are now to be found in all major cities, there are also plenty of nice cafés in Hanover.

On our way back to the hotel we passed the Opera House of Hannover, which offers another great photo motif in the city. The inner city itself is unfortunately characterized by many functional buildings. So the next day our tour guide was able to report that the inner city was destroyed in World War II by about 90 %. If you want to see the old architecture of Hannover, you can still experience this in the outer city districts such as Linden.

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Get to know other travelblogger

Anja and Janett had invited about 40 travelbloggers from all over Germany to the meeting. So it was exciting to meet other bloggers in the hotel’s own restaurant Schweizer Hof. For example, with Alexa and Daniel from “Hey Hannover” and Anna from “Anna Immer Unterwegs” and Max from  “Hostelmax” ,locals were also present. It was also exciting to exchange with other bloggers like Barbara from “Barbaralicious” or Oliver from “Woandersein.com” or to talk with Nina from “Gottundbratkartoffeln” about God and fried potatoes (translated name of her travelblog) and to get to know other bloggers from Bremen with Sarah and Stefan from “Küstenrausch.de”. Peter and Svenja of “Work-Travel-Balance” came from Düsseldorf. It was also nice to meet Tanja from Wellness-Bummler and Eva from “Burgdame” again or to chat with Jasmin from “Onmyjourney”. Unfortunately, the time was far too short to talk to all participants.

Hotel Crowne Plaza – a good city hotel in central location of Hannover

The hotel Crowne Plaza in Hannover is one of three German Crowne Plaza hotels and belongs to the IHG hotel group. It is rated with four stars in Hanover. The hotel is currently being completely renovated. On our floor all the work was happily completed. The room was modern and functional. It is important to note that there are possibilities to prepare coffee/tea in the room. How nice it would be if this were a standard in every hotel! Another highlight (for business travellers) is the iron, which also belongs to the standard equipment of the room. The hotel is otherwise predominantly a business hotel. Due to its location, it also offers normal tourists a good starting point for activities during a short holiday or city trip to Hanover on the weekend. If you arrive by car, you can park directly in the parking garage of the hotel. It’s a bit cheaper to park in the parking garage of the Labor Court, one street further on.

Eating at the Schweizer Hof – Crowne Plaza Hannover

The Crowne Plaza used the “get-to-know” evening and spoiled the guests with a very tasty meal under the motto “Little Kitchen Party”. Starting with smoked tofu, veal tartare or marinated original tomato, we went on to the “1-hour organic egg”, the suckling pig shoulder “BBQ Style” and the poached salmon. All in all very tasty and a nice start into a great weekend!

Hanover national drink and regional speciality – Lüttje Lage

The highlight was the dessert of the chocolate cake and the Fourme d’ Ambert. Sandra from Hannover Marketing didn’t miss to show us all the “Lüttje Lage”. “Lüttje Lage” is a high-percentage Hanoverian speciality consisting of a glass of grain and a small glass of beer, which is drunk together. The special challenge is to hold the two glasses in such a way that the grain runs into the beer glass and then into the mouth with the beer. It is of course a local experience that goes with it. Despite the fun, it was not really our thing…. Tastes are just different. More tasty was the Guinness in the English pub “Jack The Ripper’s” in a rustic vaulted cellar directly at the Kröpcke, which we visited at the end of the evening with some other bloggers.

Deep sleep and breakfast

We would also like to mention that the beds were super comfortable. The Crowne Plaza advertises with a “feeling of absolute relaxation” and a special sleep program that also includes aromatherapy. We could no longer determine whether the feeling of absolute relaxation came from the mattress, aromatherapy or simply the “Lüttje situation”. We both slept soundly. And so the next morning we went to the breakfast buffet in a relaxed atmosphere.

The breakfast buffet in Crowne Plaza is definitely one of the better buffets we have seen in hotels so far. Everything is available, what your heart desires in the morning and what you need for a good start into the day. The waitresses were in a good mood and very courteous.

Well strengthened on the way with #rbhannover!

Well strengthened it went then to the actual blogger meeting, which you can follow also with the hashtag #rbhannover with Twitter, Instagram or also Facebook .

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Cumberlandsche Galerie – Instagram lecture by Anja

Together they went to the Cumberlandsche Galerie in the rear part of the Schauspielhaus as the first stop on our tour in Hanover. In the monument protected, large staircase, characterized by the wide stairs and cast-iron supports and railings, small plays are otherwise performed. The stage belongs to the four stages of the Staatsschauspiele Hannover. Our “performance” in the “most beautiful staircase of Hanover” consisted of the presentations of Hannover Tourismus and the Crown Plaza.

Finally, Anja gave a very exciting lecture on better use of Instagram (here a link to our account 🙂). The staircase gives an idea of how pompous the building around it must have been in those days. Unfortunately, with the exception of the staircase, it has been completely destroyed. If you want to take a look inside, we recommend to visit a play there or to test the Calamarimoon-Bar every Friday.

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From the centre to Linden – City tour Hannover

Time to discover Hanover. Our goal was the district of Linden, which is now one of the hip areas of Hannover. If you like to party, the “Bermuda Triangle” is a good place to be, and you can move from one disco to the next and take some corner bars along the way. Our actual tour started at the Glocksee Zentrum, where we could admire a lot of street art. From the Glocksee-Zentrum you can see the Ihme Zentrum, which in the’ 60s was conceived as a “city in the city”.

Ihme Zentrum Hannover - ein besonderer Ort - Hannover Unternehmung

Due to many changes of ownership and lack of investment, the huge building complex is decaying. Behind the complex, you will pass the lively district of Linden, which was originally an old working class district.

Hannover Linden Streetart Bettfedernfabrik

Linden – a popular district

Today Linden is a popular neighbourhood for students, workers and all former students, which makes house prices soar. After a stop in the “living room” of Lindens, the bar “Centrum” at the market place of Linden, we could then still look at great old houses at the quiet Lichtenbergplatz. Afterwards we went via Limmerstraße to the ferryman festival at the old bedspring factory. Today the bedspring factory another cultural centre in Hanover. Did you know that people in Hanover speak of “limmern” when you go from one corner pub to the next in that area? It’s going particularly well on the Limmerstraße on a mild summer evening.

Thinks to do in Linden and on the way there

  • View Glocksee Center
  • Walk through the Ihme Centre
  • View streetart in Linden
  • “Limmern” on the Limmerstreet
  • Don’t get lost in the Bermuda triangle between clubs
  • Going out on Thursday evening at the Lindener Marktplatz at the “Centrum” to celebrate – instead of free beer for men, there is free prosecco for women.
  • Look at the beautiful old houses.
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Der Lichtenbergplatz in Hannover mit den tollen alten Häusern

We liked Linden. It is a very lively district of Hannover (even if Linden was once a city in its own right) where you can surely live great. If you want to know more about lime trees, just have a look here – district tips or directly the district map (both from Hannover Tourismus).

The Maschsee Festival in Hanover – a culinary world tour

The travelblogger meeting in Hanover ended in the evening together at the Maschseefest. Our starting point was the Robinson pavilion, where we started the evening with some delicious cocktails with best weather.

So if you are planning a visit to Hannover, you should keep an eye on the Maschseefest. Hanover proves here once again that it is not the “most boring city in Germany”. In 2017 the festival at Maschsee went from 02.08. – 20.08.2017.

For 2018 you can schedule August 1st-19th and for 2019 you can enter the period from July 31st to August 18th. Unconsciously, the Maschseefest is also an ideal meeting place for travelbloggers. There are so many different international dishes! Feelings can feed around the world and remember (or plan a trip) for sure.

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What else can you experience at the Maschseefest?

Besides the many different dining booths there are also several stages. Eating, dancing and partying by the lake are the secret recipe for a great evening. During our visit we were able to admire the torchlight swimming, which already provided a great atmosphere in the evening light. On our next visit to the Maschseefest we planned to visit the north, east and south shore as well as the western shore. Practically speaking, it is also possible to sail with the ships of the Maschsee fleet, so that you can comfortably travel from one shore to another. The week starts at 14.00 hrs and on Sunday already at 11.00 hrs.

As a digital helper for the Maschseefest program, you can download the Maschseefest app here

(iOs or Android).

Finally, a few general facts about Hannover:

  • 13th largest city in Germany
  • Capital of Lower Saxony
  • Location of the Cebit and the “Hannover Messe” as the world’s largest industrial trade fair (called the Fischbrötchen-Messe curiously enough in the first years after the Second World War)
  • Has a great park with the Herrenhäuser Gardens and impressive shows in the gardens with the international fireworks competition (here you can watch the streams from the past fireworks, recorded by NDR)
  • offers with the adventure zoo a great destination for excursions
  • has with Hannover 96 a first-class soccer team
  • Venue of the world’s largest “shooting festival” – 2018 from 29.06. – 08.07. – 2018
  • Location of a total of nine different universities and colleges
  • Well-known music groups like Scorpions, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Lena Meyer-Landrut or Scooter come from Hannover or had their beginnings there.

We really liked the meeting and got to know Hanover as a very lively city.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Crowne Plaza Schweizer Hof Hotel and Hanover Tourism for the great organisation.

One weekend is of course too short to see everything in Hanover. We would be happy to come back again!

If you want to read more about Hanover, we recommend the overview of Hanover, where all reports of the participants should be listed:


The travelblogger meeting even made it into the local newspaper, which reported directly about the meeting!

Newspaper “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” Article Travelblogger


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="de"><p lang="de" dir="ltr">Rund 40 Reiseblogger erkunden <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Hannover?src=hash">#Hannover</a> und treffen sich auf dem <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Maschseefest?src=hash">#Maschseefest</a> <a href="https://t.co/ozPy1O84Hl">https://t.co/ozPy1O84Hl</a></p>— HAZ (@HAZ) <a href="https://twitter.com/HAZ/status/893907016510566400">5. August 2017</a></blockquote><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Disclosure: The overnight stay at the Hotel Crowne Plaza was made possible in cooperation with Hannover Tourismus. The journey was at your own expense.

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