Usedom Poland Świnoujście wide beaches

Usedom Poland Świnoujście wide beaches

Świnoujście Usedom

Usedom offers with Świnoujście on the Polish side of the island a not quite as decadent destination as you can find in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf or Bansin. If you are looking for nice and chic, you will surely stay on the German side.

But also the Polish village has its own charm and is a beautiful holiday destination. The endlessly wide beach lures with fine sand.
We have experienced the following things:

  • shopping in Świnoujście
  • where you can eat delicious food in Świnoujście
  • what sightseeing spots the city has to offer
  • whether the market in Świnoujście is really worth to visit

The activity in the restaurants and beach snack bars is more lively during the day and also in the evening and offers a variety of delicious dishes for significantly cheaper prices than in the finer towns.

We recommend the Pizzeria i Smalzania (right side) or the Restaurant Dune at the end of the promenade.

A direct promenade on the beach invites you to take a walk and offers fantastic views over the Baltic Sea. On the main promenade itself, the shops, parks and restaurants are lined up over a good kilometre.

The main promenade is partly already modernized – old times are still to be seen on other pieces and today almost make up a certain charm. At all times, street musicians play and give the promenade its own flair.

To the west, there is a crossborder cycle path that connects all seaside resorts from Swinemünde to Bansin. The route is heavily frequented during the day – above all, cyclists commute between the villages. In the evening, the trail is not much used and is therefore ideal for inline skating (parking on the Polish side).

Świnoujście – a place with two faces.

In the so-called “spa area” many things have already been renovated and refurbished. In the actual village, the wind of bygone times still blows in large part, and the prefabricated buildings at the entrance of the village bear witness to the past.
We would go back to Świnoujście. By the way, May is a good month to visit Świnoujście. But as always, the holiday depends on the weather. The main attraction as well as the other seaside resorts is the beach.

There are still a few old fortresses that today serve as military museums. If you like it more active, you are in a better position in the high ropes course directly in the park behind the spa area. On the compulsory program is of course also a cycling tour on the Europaweg through the seaside resorts.

Bargain hunters will find their prey directly on the border road towards Ahlbeck on the “Polenmarkt”. In a jumble of “markets”, just about everything you can imagine is offered. From low-cost cigarettes,”brands” clothing, sweets, food, perfumes, CDs, DVDs and bags to fishing gear, you can buy everything you need. It is no comparison to Mediterranean markets, as the shops are housed in functional and ugly huts made of corrugated iron.

The next time we choose accommodation, we would rather see 1-2 stars more at the hotel than this year. Our accommodation had 2-3 stars and promised more than it kept. Although there are many delicious restaurants along the promenade, the hotels tend to cook in the level of old youth hostels. For our next holiday on Usedom, it will therefore only amount to overnight stay/breakfast in the hotel.

In the near surroundings on the Polish side, Misdroy and Rewal are still recommended. In case of bad weather, Szczecin is a good address with its outlets.

Our next vacation to Usedom was then our tour in the Algarve and through the south of Spain with a visit to the Alhambra.

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