Roasted Almonds Like On A Fair - Delicious And Simple To Prepare At Home

Do you also love roasted almonds? On the Bremer Freimarkt and the Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt there are so many stalls where you can buy roasted almonds and that's why I decided to write down a simple recipe here. For me, the roasted almonds are a classic and are definitely part of a visit to any fair. Of course, almonds are especially tasty when they are still very fresh!

This year I didn't want to wait as long for the next fair and so I thought about making my own roasted almonds at home. What should I say? It is very simple and you will surely succeed. The list of ingredients for the simple portion is short:

  • Almonds (200 gr)
  • Sugar (120 gr)
  • Water (40 ml = 2 small shot glasses)
  • You should consider about 20-30 minutes for the production of 200 grams of almonds. Perfect for in between!

What else do you need to get started? A large pan, a wooden spoon, a board or baking tray with baking paper and two forks. A kitchen thermometer is also helpful to measure the temperature of the sugar.

You don't need any more and you're ready to go.

First round: Bring sugar and almonds together.

In the first step the sugar is brought to the boil in the pan with the water. Use the kitchen thermometer to check the temperature of the sugar water. At about 120 degrees the almonds have their first big appearance. Stir the almonds into the sugar water. Remove the pan from the heat and continue stirring until the almond mixture is cold. The sugar then turns white and a sugar crust forms on the almonds.

Half time.

Now it's round two with the almost burnt almonds. Put the pan back on the stove. At medium heat, heat the almonds slowly, stirring constantly. This will take a while until it really starts. You will see that the sugar slowly begins to caramelise. Do not forget to stir. You should stir the almonds at least until the sugar is completely caramelized and the almonds "shine".

You can also determine the "roasting" over time. In any case, you have done most of the way but a short final spurt is waiting:

Tilt the mass onto the prepared baking tray, put the pan aside and spread the mass quickly with the forks on the tray. Here you have to be really fast, because the almonds solidify very fast and otherwise you only have a lump of burnt almonds in front of you.

Congratulations! You look at the finished sheet with the burned almonds! Wait a short moment, because the almonds are very hot. I can only recommend you from my own experience to produce larger quantities directly. Homemade roasted almonds are really very tasty and taste even better than the almonds from the fair. 200 grams can disappear very quickly...

Tip: homemade roasted almonds are also suitable as a great souvenir or small gift. Of course, you can also simply change the recipe and replace the almonds with other nuts.

I wish you all the best! Have you ever tried to make your favourite food from the fair yourself at home?

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