Travemünde Atlantic Grand Hotel

Travemünde Atlantic Grand Hotel

History meets modernity at the Baltic Sea in Travemünde!

It complements another in the Atlantic Grand Hotel Travemünde on the Baltic Sea in a wonderful way. We had the opportunity to use the hotel during the travelblogger meeting.

Travemünde itself is a district of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and is located in the southern part of the river Trave and eastern part directly on the Baltic Sea with the Brodtener steep bank.

Just four months before the famous Travemünde Week, one of the world’s biggest sailing regattas, almost 30 bloggers followed the friendly invitation of Janett von and Anja from as well as of course the Atlantic Grand Hotel Travemünde and arrived on Friday at the hotel between Kaiserallee and the beach promenade.

The Hotel Atlantic Grand Hotel

The Atlantic Grand Hotel Travemünde describes itself as a 5 star superior hotel and lives up to this reputation. After a short journey of only two hours from Bremen, we first tested the Wellness & SPA area after checking in. With a view of a (photographed) Baltic Sea panorama we enjoyed the 27°C warm pool, which with a length of 20 meters can also be used for swimming. Directly connected are the fitness room (unfortunately there was no time to test it, but it made a very good impression) and the sauna area, which can convince with a steam bath and further aroma steam bath as well as sanarium and Finnish sauna. Recreation is provided throughout the entire wellness area.

In the evening we went directly to the bar Seven C’s, where we got to know the other travelbloggers of the meeting. With a few (very) tasty cocktails there was already a great and lively exchange between the participants in the evening, which should go into the early morning hours. Thanks again to Tanja von and Wolfgang von for the tips on Friday evening.

The hotel kitchen has also provided a great buffet with a delicious view of your possibilities. In the hotels restaurant “Holstein’s”, the focus is on regional northern German cuisine. With so many culinary delights, it is not surprising that the hotel is also an ideal place for corporate events or large celebrations. A special highlight of the hotel for the right festive ambience is the big ballroom – it is not difficult to imagine which exciting festivities can be celebrated there.

The hotel itself is located in a listed building, which has its own special charm. Straight from the beach promenade it shows itself from the most beautiful side, what we were allowed to experience on Saturday. More about this later.

The rooms

The hotel has 72 rooms. Our apartment was on the third floor and was in the Junior Suite category. Correspondingly, the room was divided into a separate bedroom and living area. The bathroom with double washbasin, very large shower and the bathtub with whirlpool function does not miss its effect either, so that you can have your own personal SPA area right in the room. Recovery is thus ensured all along the line. Safe, air conditioning and mini-bar in the rooms are of course included as well as the complete W-LAN coverage in the whole hotel. The theme of “generosity” can thus be found throughout the hotel.

Breakfast with view of the Baltic Sea

After a far too short night (self-made sorrow) we started with breakfast on Saturday. All tables in the breakfast area are set up so that almost everyone can start the day with a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea. The sumptuous breakfast buffet also contributes to this, of course.

From the blogger universe

After the extensive breakfast, the programme was then full of energy, and Matthias Golze as hotel director had the full attention of all participants and reported on the history and orientation of the hotel. Afterwards, the lecture of Anja from TravelonToast to Pinterest was followed with great excitement. Thanks again for the great lectures!

“A digital scavenger hunt, please!”

After the lectures and a tasty lunch, we went on with our packed lunch. Johannes von VarioEvent had invited to the “iChallenge“, what will be the place of the well-known paper chase in the digital age. Each of the four groups was equipped with an iPad. On a specially prepared online game plan from the vicinity of the hotel there were various location-based tasks (such as “Take a photo of a woman with a dog with a daily newspaper in a beach chair” or quiz questions on local topics) to be fulfilled. A time limit of 90 minutes and the staggered points distribution made the game even more exciting. Despite the short time it was still a good opportunity to get an impression of Travemünde’s beach promenade and the surrounding area. Due to the own programming of VarioVent, the scavenger hunt 2.0 can also be adapted to other regions. We’d try it again. Our two teams have unfortunately only reached the places of honour 2 + 3…

Our team members on the iChallenge have been in Gabys team Millos (, who prepared also a great clip about the hotel (Have a look here), Svemirka (Reise-Zeit), Anja (Das fliegende Klassenzimmer), Simon (Reise2PunktNull) , Antje (Weltenkundler), Bastian (MadLovelyWorld) and Stephanie (Reiselife). In my team were Laura (Fundorte), Theresa (Atlantic Grand Hotel), Sabine (Fratuschi) as well as Daniela (Sinne und Reisen) and Saskia (MadLovelyWorld) plus Claudia (Weltreize).

Sports in Travemünde

Important for us on holiday is actually also the sport, which came this weekend too short. Those who go to the sea naturally focus on water. And that’s right on the doorstep of the Atlantic Grand Hotel with its wide beach and the Baltic Sea. In March, the water test (7 °C) was not yet feasible… but it will definitely be done in summer.

If you are enthusiastic about sailing, Travemünde is the perfect place to find your Eldorado. Even for landlubbers there are still plenty of opportunities, such as extensive bicycle tours along the coast or a high ropes course.


It was a great first blogger meeting in a very nice hotel. If you are looking for a place to relax, the Altantic Grand Hotel is definitely a very good address. We’ll check in again!

The beach is very inviting, even if we like the beaches in the south of Portugal, Sicily or the Atlantic Ocean more.

Disclosure: The hotel has taken over the overnight stay. The opinion about the hotel is not affected by this.

Kusadasi Turkey Aegean Sea

Kusadasi Turkey Aegean Sea

Kusadasi, Aegean Sea, Turkey – Experience and Tips

We decided to book a quick holiday in Turkey over the long weekend – the main reason was the visit of a Turkish wedding from our friends near Kusadasi. We booked online a good hotel on the Aegean Sea near the city of Kusadasi.

The flight from Hanover to Izmir was unspectacular as expected and due to the late departure at 22.50 it was good for a first break. Arrived in Izmir the bus transfer to the hotel went smoothly. Thank goodness the driver was much more awake than we were and drove us through the night for almost two hours.

Around 4.30 am we arrived at the Hotel SunConnect Atlantique, where a friendly staff member greeted us. During the night journey we were just looking for the bed and fell asleep contentedly.

The first day at the Aegean Sea in autumn

On Friday morning, the sun woke us up on Friday morning. The thermometer showed still a temperature of just under 30°C at the beginning of October. So we should experience four nice sunny days.

We then prepared the breakfast buffet in a good mood. The selection was really good and varied. Surprisingly, there were very few guests in the hotel. This may be due to the low season on the one hand, but also to the political situation on the other. Anyway, we had a free choice at the pool as well as on the beach and in the adjacent Aquapark!

The entire SunConnect system is kept very clean. You can choose between a large family pool and a separate large pool for adults only as a “relaxation zone”. Practically, one of the two hotel bars was also at the relax pool. The bars were open until 23.00 hr from breakfast. After that you could change to the beach disco, where the all-inclusive offer was not valid anymore

Classic all-inclusive holiday in an empty hotel in Kusadasi

The biggest challenge in the four days was just reading the plan to find out where you’d get some food next. It was just the classic all-inclusive holiday!

A special highlight of the hotel is the Tortuga Aquapark, which can be used free of charge as a hotel guest. Other guests can also use the park for a fee. Please note that the all-inclusive offer is not valid in the Aquapark and that you can buy food and drinks via a credit card.

In the complete hotel (with Aquapark and beach) there is a good to very good Wifi coverage, which is very practical especially with the roaming charges in Turkey and certainly saves one or the other Euro.

For the four days we did not exchange money. You can pay everything in Euro. This starts with the Dolmus, the many minibuses that take you can take to go to Kusadasi (approx. EUR 1.5)or also in the restaurants in the old town and ends with the many traders in the old town area. If we had stayed for a longer period of time, we would certainly have changed money as well.

Shopping in Kusadasi – the Old Town.

Due to the few tourists in the city centre of Kusadasi, the dealers also had much more time and attention for our short visit on Saturday morning! It is impressive how many shops sell the same “original” branded products (watches made in Switzerland, bags from Paris, sportswear and jerseys from all over the world) in such a small space. A higher density of premium shops certainly does not even have the KÖ (premium shopping street) in Düsseldorf…

The ambitions of the dealers naturally aroused our ambition to get the very best price for the very best quality. You have to bring along a certain sporty impulse for the negotiations, for which my friend with her shopping experiences had the much better talent.

With filled bags and an empty wallet we drove back to the hotel with the dolmus. The only interesting thing about the return trip was that we were put in the right dolmus without any questions. Probably our all-inclusive ribbon has helped enormously here, what seems to work like a dog tag. In any case, you don’t get lost with this tag.

After the shopping experience we used the remaining days to let the sunshine shine on our bellies – at the beach, at the pool, at the beach, at the aquapark!

The Aquapark in the hotel for us alone…

The Aquapark was at least as empty as the hotel. For hardcore fans of water slides, this is of course the hit, because you don’t have to wait long for the water slides. The disadvantage of course is that you climb a lot more stairs in less time than you would otherwise do. There are seven larger slides in the park, a Wibit-Aqua course, a children’s pool with small slides, smaller children’s slides and a large pool for normal swimming.

I found the Wibit Aqua course particularly interesting. After 2-3 laps my body showed me in the evening in the form of a wonderfully violent muscle soreness my current deficits. It was definitely worth the fun.Two of the larger slides are tube slides (also with double tubes). Here a slide is to be emphasized, which is designed as a “U” and yet requires a little more effort. In other parks this type of slide is often referred to as a kamikaze. There was also a funnel slide, an open chute for 3 people. Two Twister slides and a “free fall” slide were also accessible via the slide tower. The last three slides were completely dark.

For the visitors there was a small water channel on which you could drift with the tires, but there was no real fun….

In the park there were many pool attendants who took good care of the few guests. You can’t blame them for wanting to see more business.

The beach at the hotel.

A good change to the aquapark was in the afternoon the beach, which was also guarded. The water of the Aegean Sea was still pleasantly warm in October. At the hotel beach there were enough loungers (with cushions). As a further service, the hotel also offered pool towels, which could be changed several times a day. Such an empty aquapark is of course indescribably much better than e. g. the full Etnaland in Sicily.

Because of the short time we only used the vacation to relax, which we succeeded with the exception of the sore muscles. If you want to do more, you can visit the very impressive excavations of Ephesus, which I can only recommend. As a great tour guide I can recommend the company Ephesus Deluxe, which offers really individual tours at a good price (even tested on a cruise).

After four days from Friday to Monday we were picked up at the hotel on Monday evening and taken to Izmir to the airport.


It is also worthwhile to spend a long weekend in Turkey. The flight times to the Aegean Sea from Hanover are only slightly longer than to the Balearic Islands and the transfer is also manageable. With the “night flights” you can get almost full days off your holiday. In the off-season, the merchants may be ready for another great price and the hotels are not so crowded.

Have you been in Turkeye also for holidays? What was your experience?

You are more interest in holidays in Spain or Italy? Check our our post about the Alhambra, Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Sardinia, which we visited in the southern and northern area.

Usedom Poland Świnoujście wide beaches

Usedom Poland Świnoujście wide beaches

Świnoujście Usedom

Usedom offers with Świnoujście on the Polish side of the island a not quite as decadent destination as you can find in Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf or Bansin. If you are looking for nice and chic, you will surely stay on the German side.

But also the Polish village has its own charm and is a beautiful holiday destination. The endlessly wide beach lures with fine sand.
We have experienced the following things:

  • shopping in Świnoujście
  • where you can eat delicious food in Świnoujście
  • what sightseeing spots the city has to offer
  • whether the market in Świnoujście is really worth to visit

The activity in the restaurants and beach snack bars is more lively during the day and also in the evening and offers a variety of delicious dishes for significantly cheaper prices than in the finer towns.

We recommend the Pizzeria i Smalzania (right side) or the Restaurant Dune at the end of the promenade.

A direct promenade on the beach invites you to take a walk and offers fantastic views over the Baltic Sea. On the main promenade itself, the shops, parks and restaurants are lined up over a good kilometre.

The main promenade is partly already modernized – old times are still to be seen on other pieces and today almost make up a certain charm. At all times, street musicians play and give the promenade its own flair.

To the west, there is a crossborder cycle path that connects all seaside resorts from Swinemünde to Bansin. The route is heavily frequented during the day – above all, cyclists commute between the villages. In the evening, the trail is not much used and is therefore ideal for inline skating (parking on the Polish side).

Świnoujście – a place with two faces.

In the so-called “spa area” many things have already been renovated and refurbished. In the actual village, the wind of bygone times still blows in large part, and the prefabricated buildings at the entrance of the village bear witness to the past.
We would go back to Świnoujście. By the way, May is a good month to visit Świnoujście. But as always, the holiday depends on the weather. The main attraction as well as the other seaside resorts is the beach.

There are still a few old fortresses that today serve as military museums. If you like it more active, you are in a better position in the high ropes course directly in the park behind the spa area. On the compulsory program is of course also a cycling tour on the Europaweg through the seaside resorts.

Bargain hunters will find their prey directly on the border road towards Ahlbeck on the “Polenmarkt”. In a jumble of “markets”, just about everything you can imagine is offered. From low-cost cigarettes,”brands” clothing, sweets, food, perfumes, CDs, DVDs and bags to fishing gear, you can buy everything you need. It is no comparison to Mediterranean markets, as the shops are housed in functional and ugly huts made of corrugated iron.

The next time we choose accommodation, we would rather see 1-2 stars more at the hotel than this year. Our accommodation had 2-3 stars and promised more than it kept. Although there are many delicious restaurants along the promenade, the hotels tend to cook in the level of old youth hostels. For our next holiday on Usedom, it will therefore only amount to overnight stay/breakfast in the hotel.

In the near surroundings on the Polish side, Misdroy and Rewal are still recommended. In case of bad weather, Szczecin is a good address with its outlets.

Our next vacation to Usedom was then our tour in the Algarve and through the south of Spain with a visit to the Alhambra.

sicily italy east coast

sicily italy east coast

Sicily – East Coast! Dancing on the volcano with many beautiful beaches and Italy’s sheltered secret about a great island.

Our impression after two weeks was more than positive and we will surely fly there again for our holidays. Why Sicily? It should not be the typical “touristic vacation”! The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea was still a white spot on our map, which had to be discovered.
Our stay of fourteen days is divided into one week in the east of Catania and one week in the west of Palermo for a good overview – in between there are about 300 km of track. And so we flew with Easyjet from Hamburg to Catania and picked up the pre-booked rental car. With the many small alleyways in the Italian city centres, the selection of the rental car company with the small Opel Adam has turned out to be very good. The first destination was our apartment “Casa Carruba” north of Catania, half way to Taormina at the foot of Mount Etna. We had simply booked the apartment via FeWo-direkt. A first relaxing week should begin.

Carruba and Stazzo

The apartment is situated on an old farm with a beautiful garden and its own terraces in the countryside. From the apartment you can see Mount Etna. The house beach was very stony, but the refreshing sea compensated it. To the next bakery it was only two minutes by car.
The disposal of the waste was clearly negatively remembered and in need of getting used to. For Carruba there were various collection points with containers, to which the bags were transported. In the west near Palermo, you often only saw storage places on streets, which in principle were similar to small mountains of garbage. However, this should remain the only negative impression…

Sizilien, Italien

South of Carruba we visited the village of Stazzo on the first evening to try out the first pizza of the holiday in Sicily. Stazzo is really a small, peaceful place with its own harbour and some restaurants.

The location north of Catania at the foot of Mount Etna was ideal for excursions to the region. We started with Catania over Taormina with the Isola Bella, which was really pretty but also very crowded. The many small villages all have their special charm and on the coast there are a few sandy beaches, of which we liked best the beach south of Catania at Villaggio Gabbiano Azzurro.

Ätna Sizilien

Etna in Sicily – lava eruptions and tourist attraction

Most important attraction in the east of Sicily is Etna, which we visited in best weather. When you go and visit the Etna you can drive to the lift station at an altitude of 1900 m. Once you arrive at the station, you can then book an additional lift at 2500 m above sea level with an all-terrain bus up to 2900 m. The ticket is not really cheap, but certainly much less strenuous than the walk to the crater, which would of course also be possible as an option. The difference in temperature should not be underestimated. Even in summer, a jacket makes sense, however nice the weather in Sicily is. The volcano is already a mystical place – rubble, sulphurous smell, smoke and steam show you very clearly which uncontrollable forces of nature are lying dormant in the earth.

And so we should actually witness a small eruption later in the evening, which we could follow from a safe distance from our terrace.
Near Carruba, the small village of Riposto with the very tasty Pizzaria Le Botti directly at the harbour was to be recommended.

Etnaland – a water park with many water slides

On the east coast, the programme also included a visit to the Etnaland aqua fun park. The park is large and very varied. In principle, all visitors will find the right pools, slides, etc. In addition to the water park there is also an adjacent amusement park, which we didn’t visit.




If you want to jump in the tourist hustle and bustle, you should definitely visit Taormina on Sicily. The town has a beautiful city centre with many small shops and great cafés next to the small Isola Bella. The search for a parking place becomes like in many other places of the island a small gambling game. Parking garages are available – the costs per hour are sometimes incredible high.

And if you are on your way to Taormina, you should also take the chance to go up to the Chiesa Madonna della Rocca. From the small mountain chapel you have a wonderful view of the coast and town.

The city centre is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and the markets (especially the fish market) are also worth a visit. In addition, Catania has all the well-known local shopping chains for well-known shopping pleasure.

After a week on the east coast, we headed west…[Report follows]

Otherwise have a look at our tour from the Algarve to Andalusia.

Update: Because it fit so well, we flew to Sardinia in September 2017 and spent two great weeks there. Interested? Just look here for our post about Sardinias south west or here about Sardinias north!


125x125 Best Price
Christmas market Bremen

Christmas market Bremen

The Bremen Christmas Market!

The Bremen Christmas market is rightly one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. It has also become the third largest Christmas market in the country. In 2018 the market will take place from 26.11. -23.12.2018. We are already looking forward to it!

What is the big attraction of the Christmas market in Bremen?

In fact, it is the combination of the traditional Christmas market on the Bremen market square and around the Bremen town hall as well as the magic of battle. With the medieval market directly on the river Weser, it also exudes a very special atmosphere. With a view of the cathedral and the town hall, you can enjoy the hot Feuerzangenbowle at the Christmas market in the city centre. There is no better way to look at a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site! Nearly two hundred exhibitors offer a wide variety of Christmas-related products – whether they are candles, handicraft products, food and drink.

My recommendation for the many normal mulled wine taverns is the status of the Ratskeller in Bremen. Ratskeller is internationally renowned for its excellent wines. Beside the Ratskeller Glühwein, the apple roasting and the raclette stand are my absolute highlights during a visit to the Christmas market.

Through the Stintbrücke street (right next to the Chamber of Commerce) and Bredenstraße you can also reach the “Schlachte Zauber” on the Weserpromenade.

Schlachte Zauber – the Middle Ages in Bremen

The Schlachte Zauber is a medieval Christmas market. In addition to many handicraft items, medieval food and beverages are also offered. A break at the metre stand is definitely recommended. If you like medieval language, you will enjoy the Schlachte-Zauber. Fortunately, the other languages spoken are German or English. No need to learn a language from ages ago.

If you walk a few metres further on, you will come directly to the larger and less medieval mulled wine stalls of the Schlachte restaurants. So one can then sit in heated beach chairs and watch the crowds strolling. In these bigger booths you can enjoy the après-ski atmosphere and you can end the evening in a good mood. Particularly tasty: the fish sandwich stand with homemade rolls! You can also buy the delicious bread directly!

The Bremen Christmas market starts this year on 26. November and runs until 23. December.

The Christmas market is open during the week (Monday to Friday from 10 a. m. to 8.30 p. m., Saturdays from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m. and Sundays from 11 a. m. to 8.30 p. m.).

Here you can already look for private accommodations at AirBnB as well as hotels at Booking. com. With an overnight stay in Bremen you can really enjoy the Christmas market!

After the Christmas market, there is no longer any time until the next big event, the Samba carnival, is coming up. In Northern Germany, people love to celebrate: -). You prefer to go to festivals like the Hamburg Dom, the Oktoberfest in Munich or the Cannstadter Wasen? Then have a look at the Bremen Freimarkt, which is on of the oldest markets / fun fairs in Germany.

Gran Canaria in April swimming and sightseeing

Gran Canaria in April swimming and sightseeing

Gran Canaria in April. One week full program. Off to the island!

In April we spent a week in Gran Canaria. We’ve both never been to the island before, although the “half world” feels like it’s already doddled through the dunes of Maspalomas. So the week before Easter was supposed to be Gran Canaria for the first time and the island didn’t disappoint us!

The following questions can be answered well after the week:

  • What will the weather be like in Gran Canaria in April?
  • What places of interest does Gran Canaria have to offer besides the dunes of Maspalomas?
  • Can you see the island in a week?
  • Which hotel can you recommend in Gran Canaria?
  • Where is Gran Canaria’s most beautiful place?

As the third largest of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is just over 4.5 hours flight time away from Hanover in the south. And so the airline brought us safely to the island. Luckily, we had enough food in our pockets as there were no snacks or drinks in the aircraft. After landing at the “Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria”, the transfer was relatively fast. The airport is located relatively centrally on the east coast, which means that travel times are relatively short.

Check in at the Lopesan Villa del Conde

Our hotel was the Lopesan Villa del Conde, which scored above average in the usual hotel rating portals for Gran Canaria. Coming from the highway we could already see the two towers of the entrance hall from a distance at the exit “Sonnenland” (it’s really the name of the settlement). What a sight compared to the broken hotels in the famous Playa del Ingles, which look like prefabricated buildings. A relaxing week on Gran Canaria could begin. The suitcases were unloaded and taken over directly at the bus, so that we could go directly into the large reception hall of the hotel and toasted with a champagne directly to our holiday. The entrance hall with the big chandelier makes a lot of impression. We were looking forward to the rest of the hotel after the many good reviews.

The torture of choice at the buffet

Due to our late arrival we brought our hand luggage into the room (you could also say small apartment) and went directly to one of the two buffet restaurants. After the sandwiches in the plane, the hunger was already great… After the first glance and the great hunger, we were spoilt for choice at the buffet and the cooking stations – steak or salmon, chicken or squid, pork or mussels, turkey or dorade? And how to combine all this after a Spanish starter with Serano ham, Spanish cheese & sausage and olives? Is there still room for dessert with the fresh fruits, refined on the chocolate fountain and a bowl of Crema Catalana? And how much hunger should one still be able to have for breakfast the next morning after such a meal? The only questions left to be answered are: Why candles are placed on the tables of such a chic hotel and why they are not lit because of the wind, and why the waiters want to carry the plates to the table with exaggerated eagerness. The choice of food was really overwhelming and so we went for a walk through the grounds after dinner.

The hotel complex of Villa del Conde

The entire hotel complex is “picobello” clean, very well-kept and well laid out. Villa del Conde is built in the style of a village, contrary to the old hotels (panel houses) and thus different sized, angular buildings alternate on the grounds. You can’t speak of a small village at the hotel either. The signs in the hotel are a bit confusing and do not necessarily help you to find your way around. Due to the direct location at the promenade of Meloneras you can also go for walks after the meal and have a drink in the (stylish) bars at the promenade for one or the other cocktail. In Meloneras there are a lot of chic hotels lined up like a pearl necklace up to the lighthouse behind which the famous dunes of Maspalomas start. In the opposite direction to the lighthouse you can also walk from the hotel to the nearby small sandy beach of Meloneras (5 minutes). The hotel itself has no beach. Those who want to stay in the hotel can refresh themselves at one of the four large pools (with a “half” Infinity Pool towards the promenade). We tested both the sea and the pools and were very enthusiastic about both. The Atlantic Ocean near Gran Canaria is already warm in mid-April. If you are on the move and don’t want to swim, you can use the hotel’s great fitness room (very well-maintained, new equipment) or take part in the courses of the animation team (pilates, yoga, water gymnastics). There is also a tennis court.

The island – Gran Canaria – so many impressions

Even if it was not the stated goal of the vacation we have felt completely departed with the rental car the island. It’s nice to know that Gran Canaria is not very big. Unfortunately, we had missed renting the car in advance in Germany to spare us the transfer. We did this on site via a rental car portal and rented a car from Orlando Rental – what an experience. After the inspection, the car had almost no free marking left on the rental contract…. even the operator at Orlando was well trained and wanted to sell various insurances that were already covered by the portal.

Day 1 of the trip led us along the south coast in a westerly direction. The first stop was Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria with the small marina. It’s amazing how many hotels and apartments you can build on two mountain slopes, but the local construction industry has done its best. Fortunately, they at least stopped in front of the beach, which was “filled up” by the tourists. Afterwards we quickly continued on the coastal road GC-500 towards Taurito. Puerto Rico de Granaria is not a nice place, even though many boat trips start from the small harbour. On the small coastal roads with the many serpentines, careful driving was called for. The next town on the way was similar to Puerto Rico, so we ran over it directly. The goal on day one was the small “Venice” of Gran Canaria with Puerto de Mogán. The place is artificially constructed and was built between 1983 – 1988. In the village at the harbour, a few canals pass through the houses, which gave the town the name of the Venice of Gran Canaria. The center is really beautiful. So I had imagined more Gran Canaria, after the first two places were rather a disaster. Strengthened with a pizza on the beach of the village we drove towards Mogán into the mountains, which was the final destination on that day. From Mogán we continue on two exciting roads to the north and the centre of the island.

Gran Canaria Center

After we had already been to Mogán and enjoyed the view of the mountains of Gran Canaria in Ursula Goebel’s wine cellar over a cup of coffee, we were drawn in the same direction on the second day. Ursula Goebel’s husband gave us some good tips in the most friendly Bavarian language for a tour in the mountain region. Our destination was the Presa De Las Niñas reservoir, which can be reached via the GC-605. The GC-605 is one of the most demanding roads in the world, as our guide says, and has been shown in endless serpentines. It was a great route due to the view over the southwest of the island. Unfortunately, the GC-605 was closed after a few kilometers, so that we could not drive the full distance. Here, the path is literally the goal. At the reservoir you can have a picnic and enjoy the landscape, which is completely different from the barren and almost desert-like south. For us we went then because of the blockage over the GC-505 (also interesting to drive) back to the hotel.

The North of Gran Canaria

The north of the island should be our destination for the third day. I had already watched some great pictures of natural pools via Pinterest, which I wanted to test. From Meloneras it is relatively easy to reach the island via the island highway. Before the test of the Atlantic Ocean, the visit to Las Palmas was scheduled. Las Palmas is the largest city on the island – we visited it quickly. The centre can be easily explored on foot. We parked our car in the centre of Aparcamientos Triana, from where you can walk directly into the pedestrian zone.  You will not find any shops that you have not seen in the local pedestrian precincts. The surprise is very limited. More interesting in Las Palmas is the market hall (Mercado de Vegueta) with the old town, the Casa de Colón, in which Columbus has probably already been, and the cathedral “Santa Ana”.

Along the coast of Gran Canaria

After the visit, we drove by car along the coast in the north. As a change to the supposed shopping we had chosen the high ropes course GrancAventura, which unfortunately was closed that day. So we drove a few kilometres further on the coast highway until we reached one of the most northwestern points of Gran Canaria with the village of Agaete or Puerto des Las Nieves. The ferries also go from the village to Tenerife, which could be seen on the horizon. In the whole north of the island you can already see that the Atlantic is much rougher than in the south. It was therefore great that the “Agaete Piscina Natural” was a limited, safe natural pool on site. The pool is filled with fresh seawater due to the surf. It was a great opportunity to swim, even if the comfortable sunbathing places on the stone field are very limited.  If you are more on a sandy beach, Playa El Puertillo in the north is recommended, where you can swim directly in the sea.

GrancAventura – Zipline parc with a view of the Atlantic Ocean

On our list we still had the zipline parc. Where can you climb through the opposite side of the Atlantic at an airy height? The way on day four was clear and the GC1 was as fast as on the days before. Arrived at the park GrancAventura we started with the first parkour after an instruction in English and climbed up to the top floor. After almost three hours we were on the safe ground again. The park was beautifully laid out and not crowded. A local female climbing companion was very surprised that we as tourists were hanging in the ropes there. The climbing park seems to be used mainly by the islanders only, which is also confirmed by the limited opening hours. We can highly recommend the park. With 22, – Euro / person for the complete park the price is normal / reasonable compared to parks in our vicinity.

Teror – an idyllic market place

After our little climbing trip we took the chance to visit the village of near Teror he climbing park. Somehow we had a lot of luck with the visit, because only very few other tourists have made it to the place. The city centre and the market square are said to be among the most beautiful places in Gran Canaria. With its small alleys and old houses, the village already had a special charm.

The west of the island

On our last day with our rental car we went west again. The destination should be the much-described “Mirador del Balcón”, from which you can look down almost 400 metres. On the way we went over the GC-200 towards La Aldea de San Nicolas de Tolentino. The drive was very similar to the GC-605 because of the serpentines and we arrived in San Nicolas but decided spontaneously to take the beach with us. Playa de la Aldea is a pebbled beach, unlike the other beaches we’ve tried before. Friendly enough, many other visitors of the beach had already created small sheltered places, from which we used and extended a place. After our break at the beach, we had the “Mirador del Balcón” on the agenda, which is only about 10 minutes away from the beach. The vantage point is also the final stop on the GC-200 in a northerly direction. The evaluation of a vantage point is literally in the eye of the beholder, so that we drove back to the hotel with two different views. If you happen to be in the area, I would recommend a visit. The steep cliffs, which fall almost vertically into the sea, already give a great photo and reminds me of the great landscapes from the “Lord of the Rings” movies (and the visit to the Cabo de São Vicente in Portugal). Combined with a visit to the beach, it was an ideal trip to the region. Keep in mind that the driving (apart from the motorway GC-1) is not comparable to driving times in Germany. Even if it is only a few kilometres away, you can spend a good time in the car.

Our conclusion about Gran Canaria

We will surely go to Gran Canaria again. April is already so pleasantly warm that you cango swimming in the sea and sunbathe. Next time we would rent a rental car for the whole time and pick it up directly at the airport. In addition to the described destinations, the Playa de Guigui or the Roque Noblu as the highest mountain and landmark of the island would be on the list and also diving in the Atlantic Ocean. One week was indeed too short to see everything.

The beaches on the island were beautiful but not as good as in the Algarve or Sicily. You will find the most exciting beaches within Europe on the island of Sardinia, which we also visited in the southern and northern part.